We use high quality blowing fiberglass or rolled fiberglass batting. We have learned that fiberglass is the best option for our Florida humidity. While cellulose is an ok option for the Northern part of the country, we don't like the R Value loss due to shrinking and settling with time that we don't see with the high quality Blowing fiberglass that we use.
Yes. It is the most commonly used form of insulation used today. They are mostly formaldehyde free and have passed certain “green” certifications. All American Insulation takes pride in only using the best and safest products.
Nope. Feel free to call and schedule a free no obligation attic inspection today.
Yes, of course. Sometimes it is best to see the attic but we understand everyone is busy and in most cases we can quote accurately over the phone, text or email with address provided so we can pull up the proper info needed etc. Call, email or text us today.
Not necessarily, but That depends. Have you had a rodent infestation? Water leaks or mold issues? If not, then no need for removal. Most days we just blow on top of existing insulation and it's totally safe and the least expensive option. A free attic inspection can determine that as well.
In most cases you are under-insulated. Or the insulation is just older and lost its effectiveness to help slow down the heat transfer to the home in turn overworking the AC. A free attic inspection is recommended.
Yes. All major debit and credit cards accepted securely.
No, not at this time.

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